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Based in Ashtead, near Epsom, DDR Surrey is your local Mercedes-Benz brake repair, replacement and servicing specialist.

Your vehicle's brakes play a critical role when it comes to your safety on the road, so it goes without saying that regular maintenance of your Mercedes' brakes is an absolutely essential part of keeping yourself, your passengers and other road users safe. You should never be in any doubt about the state of the brakes in your car, which is why we are proud to offer both brake repair andMercedes brakes servicing, for any concerns you may have.

Commons signs that your Mercedes brakes may require attention are:

  • Grinding, squealing or squeaking noises when braking
  • Spongy feeling when depressing the brake pedal
  • Vibration of the brake pedal or steering wheel
  • Having to press down harder than usual to brake
  • Burning smell coming from wheels
  • Brake warning light is on

If you're experiencing any of these brake issues or there are other concerns with the system, it's important to get this looked at as soon as possible. Our expert mechanics will run full diagnostics to get to the root of the problem in order to provide the most accurate Mercedes brake repairs possible here in Epsom. Following diagnostics, we'll conduct any repairs, replacements and fluid changes needed to get you back on the road quickly.

Our expert Mercedes Benz Brakes repair experts can fix handbrakes, brake pads, brake discs, brake pumps, brake rotors, brake drums and brake shoes. We can also undertake a brake fluid change for your Mercedes.

How To Find Us


13 Craddocks Parade, Ashtead KT21 1QL


We are located directly at the end of Barnett Wood Lane, off the mini roundabout at the beginning of Craddocks Parade of shops. 
We are a 5-minute drive from Epsom town centre, Surrey, and Jct 9 of the M25 in the other direction.

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Mercedes Brake Repair FAQS

Got a question about our Mercedes brakes repair services, or want to know more about the Mercedes brakes servicing that we offer here at DDR Surrey? Check out our FAQs to find out more, or get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

The red brake light on my Mercedes dashboard is on, what does that mean?

When the red brake indicator on your Mercedes dashboard lights up it may mean that the brake fluid level is low. Book an appointment with us and have your brake fluid levels checked.

What is causing the grinding sound when the brakes are applied?

Grinding sounds when the brakes are applied could mean a number of things, but should always be checked by a qualified mechanic. If you have gone a long time without Mercedes brakes servicing, then the brake pads could be worn. We can advise you on your next steps, including repair and servicing.

How often should the brake pads on a Mercedes-Benz be replaced?

The brake pads on a Mercedes-Benz should be typically be replaced every 30,000-50,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and conditions.

How do I know if I need new Mercedes brakes?

If your brakes are faulty or aren't performing properly, this doesn't always mean that you'll need a complete replacement. Brakes are a unique and intelligent system and various things can run into problems over the years, which is why we always run full, comprehensive diagnostics to find the exact cause of the problem. If you are in any doubt, book your vehicle in with our team for diagnosis, today.

How long will my Mercedes brake repairs take?

The time your Mercedes brakes repairs take will depend on the issue at hand, as well as the waiting time for any approved parts that may be needed. Where possible, we will provide you with approximate times following diagnostics, however, this can be subject to change. Our team are always on hand to discuss any concerns you have during your vehicle's repairs.

How much will my Mercedes brake repairs cost?

The cost of your Mercedes brakes repair will ultimately depend on the work required and the parts needed to complete the job. In some cases, you may only need the brake pads replaced while in more extreme cases, you could need the rotors replaced as well as the brakes. We will run full diagnostics and provide you with an estimated cost before conducting any work so you can be clear on what you can expect to pay.

Do you service leased or financed Mercedes vehicles?

If you have a leased Mercedes vehicle or a Mercedes on finance that you plan to return at the end of your contract, you need to keep on top of service schedules. Failure to meet the suggested service schedule could see you facing fines and penalties at the end of your agreement, so it's vital to maintain the correct schedule. We offer full servicing to all Mercedes vehicles including leased or financed vehicles, helping you to keep on top of your service schedule and avoid any hefty fines or payouts when your contract ends.

Repairing Your Electric & Hybrid Mercedes

We repair the entire Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid range.

Guaranteed Protection on your Manufacturer's Warranty

Is your vehicle still under your manufacturer's warranty? Don't worry! All of your rights are preserved when using DDR Surrey for your repairs. We use original Mercedes-Benz parts and follow their service schedules and recommendations, so we have you and your warranty covered all the way.

Customer Reviews

We cover all aspects of aftersales for your vehicle from routine car servicing to fault diagnosis, electrical and mechanical repairs.

I’ve had real trouble getting wiper blades for my Mercedes I tried Halfords which was an absolute shambles from start to finish! Found DDR on google and called to see if they could help had a call back within 5 minutes of leaving a message to be told they could have them in that afternoon and the exact price which I might add was cheaper than I was charged at Halfords! I arrived around 4pm new blades fitted in 5 minutes the customer service of the gentleman I dealt with was fantastic I will definitely be returning. Thank you again for your help.
Vincenzo Cook
A very knowledgeable team. I have used DDR Surrey for many years, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Munish Kumar
Really great work as always . Very reasonable price ,they are the best one around the area .
Dave Sinclair
My first time using DDR. Reception has good knowledge. They serviced my C63. Very satisfactory.
Radia Kesseiri
They are just amazing!
Today, I was in a real car related crisis, when there is literally nothing on earth that could help you apart from a genuinely customer service oriented car specialist! (Mercedes specialist)
They came to the rescue, out of good will! They did everything they could to sort me out!
I am utterly grateful for their help!
James Madden
Started using DDR last year, now two years in and I can only heap praise on Dan and his workforce, Dan a man after my own heart, his word is his bond and nothing is too much, great service, highly recommended.
I have been coming to DDR for over 8 years to have my Wife's E350 Cdi serviced. I have always found the owner and staff to be friendly and honest. I started using them after suffering truly abysmal service from more than one Mercedes main dealers. They have diagnosed and fixed various faults on the E350 over the years. I just took my '03 SL55 AMG for its 2yr interval A service, plus a gearbox oil change and Brake fluid renewal. I also had the 16 spark plugs changed. I have only had this car just under 2 years, and was interested to know its over-all condition as a 20year old supercar. I was advised the engine mounts were at the end of their service life, and that doing the gearbox mounts too would be sensible. The driveshaft rubber linkage was also advised as it had some age related wear. This was expected on a car of this age. All the work was detailed fully in advance, there was no pressure to have it done, and a detailed cost break-down was given. The owner and I discussed the car at length, and it is obvious he is not only a very experienced Mercedes Engineer but also a proper car enthusiast.. my visits to DDR are always a pleasant experience. In 8 years I have never had any experience of them pushing for unnecessary work. I would always trust DDR, and recommend them to my friends. I will keep using them as long as I own a Mercedes.
Had my car serviced by DDR this week. Travelled a few miles as heard good things - rightly so. Fantastic service (literally) - extremely well priced for an S class and very efficient. Would definitely recommend and think they are more efficient and offer better customer service than many main dealers who charge a lot more!
Had a coolant leak on my cd 250 Mercedes. Rang up DDR and spoke to Dan. He came back within an hour with the problem, quoted a reasonable price, and fixed the leak. The customer service was very good and I would recommend them.
Another excellent service from DDR. I have used them many times for various items be it services or repairs.

Always very knowledgeable, fair with prices and honest about costs and recommendations.

Highly recommended!!

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