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Mercedes GLE 450 AMG Coupé Dazzles in Jurassic World

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park – Image Source: Amanda Richards / Flickr

Mercedes all-new GLE AMG Coupe offers a dazzling debut performance in Spielberg’s latest installment of the Jurassic Park series, directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World.

18 years ago the Mercedes-Benz M-Class first appeared in “Jurassic Park : The Lost World”, and now the story continues for Mercedes-Benz, with a stylish new Mercedes GLE AMG Coupe at the helm.

Mercedes GLE AMG Coupe

Released in 3D last week, the eagerly awaited action-packed adventure promises to be a summer blockbuster featuring a fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles including the GLE Coupe, the iconic G-Class, various Mercedes-Benz sprinter models and even a Unimog!

Mercedes Unimog
Mercedes Unimog – Image source: Hugh Honeyman / Flickr

As this jurassic adventure unfolds, the GLE 450 AMG Coupe takes the starring role, as the official car of operations manager Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. The tropical landscape of Isla Nublar allows the new SUV to showcase is capabilities in style, proving to be a perfect combination of the strength and resilience found in an SUV with the speed and sportiness of a coupe.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with a multitude of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and will promote the film and our cars with many exciting global marketing activities,” said Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars.

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