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Turning Up the Heat on the Mercedes AMG A45

Thinking of going off-road? Ever wondered what the best off-road vehicle manufactured by Mercedes-Benz is? You’d probably be looking for something robust yet easy to handle, like the new GLA compact SUV, right? According to one particular French YouTube channel, apparently not!

Until now, Mercedes AMG’s place in the motoring world had been refreshingly clear. However, the guys at Option Auto have released a video of the Mercedes AMG A45 4MATIC taking on the sand dunes of a West-African desert, and its got everyone talking…

The A45 tumbles around playfully in the sand, like a small child visiting the beach, and making it look really easy too. Check it out.

Funny, when Mercedes released the new A-Class last year, I don’t recall them mentioning anything about the AMG A45’s off-road capabilities? Just kidding, but as this video demonstrates, off-roading usually depends more on the skill of the driver than the particular vehicle that they happen to be driving, and this driver appears to be abusing that A45 to the max.

The Mercedes AMG A45 is a hot hatch which has both notoriously low ground clearance and low profile tyres, it honestly eats up the road and spits out burning rubber. So how did they pilot the car around the desert with all those tumbling sand dunes? Probably with a lot of help from Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC 4WD system. Its baffling to watch something that isn’t the size of a Jeep or a Range rover make tackling desert driving look easy. I bet they were picking sand from the exhaust manifold for weeks after that!

AMG have proved unequivocally that they could have a much larger future beyond mass-producing typical sports performance vehicles, and the A45 AMG is just the beginning of that.