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Here’s What We Know About The New Mercedes SL

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+

Just in time for its 70th Birthday, the Mercedes SL Convertible has been given quite the impressive makeover for its 2022 re-release. In October, Mercedes unveiled the brand new 2022 AMG version of the Mercedes SL and the new look is definitely turning heads. This upgrade and redesign has power and style in mind, with a renewed sporty feel that’s the perfect fit for AMG’s luxury range.

The new 2+2 SL has been designed with the brand’s famed grand touring history in mind, featuring new technologies, fresh driving experiences and a unique design that shows true attention to detail from bumper to bumper. This is the first version of the SL to be released exclusively under AMG, and the seventh overall generation of the SL and despite its changes, it’s still staying very much true to its roots. 

The new SL has been modernised, bringing with it a host of new up-to-date features that really set it apart from previous generations. As the first to include all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, the new generation had better handling than ever before, with improved stability and handling, as well as overall performance. As far as the engine is concerned, the new SL will likely be available in a 4.0-litre V-8, with 480 horsepower in the SL 55, or 560 horsepower in the SL 63. 

AMG has also announced a hybrid option, however, this won’t be immediately available. It is set to utilise some of Mercedes-Benz’ top Formula 1 race technology, however, ensuring that it packs a powerful punch regardless of which version you choose.

As far as design goes, new SL owners can expect a folding fabric top rather than the hardtop, ultimately freeing up space and allowing Mercedes to bring back the 2+2 seating configuration. 

You can also expect some of Mercedes-Benz AMG’s most sophisticated technology, ranging from the 12-inch LCD tablet-like infotainment system to enhanced augmented reality on the GPS system. The AR feature will project key directional animations onto the windscreen, giving you a clear idea as to where you’re going while out on the road. Even the braking system has had an upgrade, with a host of cameras and sensors that can detect oncoming traffic not only on the road you’re on but as you turn too. And, if you so choose, you could even have the car change lanes or park by itself.

Gorden Wagener, the global chief designer for Daimler, said “At Mereces, an SL is pretty much the biggest icon we can get… Next to the S-Class, it is at the core of the brand – probably even stronger than the S-Class” 

The SL has been one of Mercedes-Benz’s landmark vehicles for decades, so it’s only right that it is finally getting the modern upgrade that it deserves. This move will also bring the SL back into the running as a luxury sports car as buyer priorities shift from the standard sports coupe, and to a more luxury, utility-heavy alternative. With the new features, the new SL is a clear competitor.

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