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6 Of The Most Common Mercedes Repairs

When it comes to Mercedes vehicles, it’s no secret that we here at DDR Surrey are huge fans. However, like any vehicle, Mercedes-Benz models have been prone to different problems across their lifespan. From issues with rusting bodywork that is not only inconvenient but could also cause long-term mechanical problems, to problems with misfiring engines or issues with brake pressure, Mercedes vehicles have been subject to various issues over the years, with many requiring replacement or repair along the way. We’ve compiled 6 of the most common complaints and repairs we see to help you know what to keep an eye out for in your Mercedes-Benz.

Engine Misfiring

The engine is the very heart and soul of a vehicle, but the more we drive them, the more they wear down due to general use. It’s why we need to replace spark plugs at a certain point and why servicing is important at various points in a car’s lifespan. However, Mercedes engines have previously and recently been criticised for misfiring due to premature wear and tear, particularly of the spark plugs. In general, cars can need new spark plugs at around 100,000 miles, but for Mercedes, this can often be far sooner, with owners running into problems earlier than expected. The solution is a simple one, and if you’ve been experiencing engine misfiring, we can replace your spark plugs and fix any other engine-related issues to get you back on the road in no time.


Any vehicle that isn’t used regularly could be susceptible to rusting of the bodywork and some components, but Mercedes-Benz has recently seen a number of issues with premature rusting on both new and old models in a number of places that you might not expect. Mercedes owners should take extra care to pay attention to detail when checking over their vehicles, as rust has been known to show up on floorboards, under wheel wells, on bumpers, underneath the seats and even hidden behind the license plate. While some body rust may not need immediate repair, it’s important to ensure you get any rust checked and fixed before it grows or causes a further issue.

Air Suspension

Mercedes-Benz’s Airmatic features are just one of many reasons we love the driving experience, but they’re also prone to issues. The air suspension, in particular, has been repeatedly reported with problems or faults, including failing air suspension bags and issues with air suspension relays. Considering that this feature has been around since 2000, it’s one that we’d expect Mercedes to have not only fixed but perfected by this point. However, repairs still appear to be needed regularly.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a common repair for any vehicle manufacturer for a number of reasons, but Mercedes have been particularly prone to issues with leaks due to the introduction of their electronic transmission system. The system was certainly a great addition to Mercedes vehicles, however, it has been known to cause oil leaks and graphite build up which, due to the sensitivity and fragile nature, can lead to much bigger problems. If you suspect you might have an oil leak, it’s important to book your vehicle in for transmission repairs as soon as possible.

Brake Pressure Issues

The Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) present in most Mercedes-Benz vehicles is another feature that makes the driving experience a smooth, enjoyable one. The system offers a high-pressure brake fluid supply that can make braking far easier and responsive, particularly when it comes to sharp or emergency braking. The system, however, has been known to fail due to issues with the brake pressure. In some instances, drivers have reported the car suddenly slowing down or stopping without warning, or where braking isn’t as responsive or is over-responsive. If you’ve been experiencing issues with your brakes, we offer brake repairs to ensure you can get back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Transmission Problems

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are well known for their powerful 5-speed transmission. It’s often deemed stronger and better than a lot of other vehicles around today, but what new owners or owners-to-be don’t always know, is that these transmission systems can often be prone to faults and issues. Common complaints from Mercedes owners seemed to involve the 13-pin connector and valve bodies, both of which can cause damage to the rest of the car too. Fluid leaks within the transmission are also common, which could damage the control module if this fluid leaks onto the wiring. You can book in your vehicle with our team for transmission repairs if you suspect that something may be wrong with your Mercedes.

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