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Mercedes-Benz Goes From Coast to Coast in One-of-a-Kind Journey Across Scotland

Mercedes Benz Coast to Coast

In what is believed to be the first ever off-road journey of its kind, a dozen four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz vehicles have successfully travelled the UK from east coast to west coast, without the use of any public roads.

The 65-mile journey across the Scottish Highlands was completed over 2 days by the 12 Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a mixture of GLE, GLS and other G-Class models. All of the Mercedes off-road vehicles were fitted with road legal ‘mud tyres’ and no other modifications other than removing the side steps where fitted.

The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class has permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive and a low-range gearbox with 3 fully-lockable differentials. This ensures it can cope with rough terrain such as gravel, rock and wet grass, making it the perfect vehicle to lead the expedition.

You might expect to see the stylish GLE more commonly on your high street than off-road, but with the ‘off-road’ package (including special programming and protective underbody panelling) this car can make light work of even the most arduous of routes.

Likewise, the quilted interior of the GLS suggests this car is more about wealth and luxuriousness than off-roading, however the ‘off-road’ package ensures that the vehicle is equally at home away from public roads. It even offers an ‘off-road’ plus mode for especially difficult terrain, from rocks to rivers to muddy fields.

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